Trudeau says men, women shouldn’t be ‘afraid’ to be feminists

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is urging both men and women to embrace the word “feminist.”

Speaking at a panel on gender equality at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Friday, Trudeau called on both men and women to use the word “feminist.”

“We shouldn’t be afraid of the word feminist, men and women should use it to describe themselves anytime they want,” Trudeau said.

The prime minister, who calls himself a feminist, was addressing gender parity and said that men need to be a part of the discussion to close the gender gap.

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    Trudeau was on the panel with with Melinda Gates and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and spoke about how his wife and “incredible partner” Sophie reminds him to talk to his son “about how he treats women and how he’s going to grow up to be a feminist just like dad.”

    Trudeau has made gender equality a priority during his time as prime minister, promising during the campaign to appoint a diverse cabinet with equal representation of men and women. He also gained international attention shortly after assuming office when he defended his gender-balanced cabinet to a reporter by saying “Because it’s 2015.”

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    “We have made it very explicit that gender balance and diversity as well, not just for its own sake; because you’re getting better decision making…you’re getting a government that reflects the reality of a broad population you’re supposed to serve.”

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