Soup Sisters serves up a warm welcome for Syrian refugees

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CALGARY – They’ve travelled thousands of kilometres and face the daunting task of starting over. But an act of kindness is providing a warm welcome for Syrian refugees.

It’s comfort in a bowl. ‘Soup Sisters’ organized an event to provide over 5000 servings of soup to families.

The kitchen was busy Sunday, with people chopping up ingredients and cooking to provide nourishment for weary travellers new to Canada.

“We are very happy to be here in Canada,” said Rita Khanchaet, a Syrian refugee.


Khanchaet and her family arrived in Calgary one month ago. They were privately sponsored, forced to flee the violence in Syria.

“To be here in a safe country, it’s a good thing for us. Especially for my son. Until now, he wakes up in the night, during the night. He asked me always about the bad people, where are they? Can they come to Canada?” She explained.

It’s a been a month filled with new beginnings. Khanchaet’s son has started pre-school, the family is improving their English and they have started to build new relationships.

“Our neighbours and all the Canadian people, very kind, very helpful,” said Khanchaet. “One of them bring us a Christmas tree!”

Now, they want to give back, along with dozens of other volunteers involved at the soup serving event.

“We’re an organization that is really founded on compassion, comfort and community so it made absolute sense when we knew we had refugees coming to comfort them and welcome them in this way,” Sharon Hapton with Soup Sisters said.

There was lots to do, with 5000 servings of soup being made over three days.

“It’s a classic example of many hands make light work. So do this for an hour and we’ll have tons of soup,” said Nancy Wilson, a volunteer.

The soup-a-thon is taking place over three consecutive Sundays.

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