Nexen spill probe taking longer than expected

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CALGARY – The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) wanted to find out what caused a major pipeline rupture last summer at Nexen ULC’s Long Lake oilsands project by October, but its investigation is still ongoing months later, documents show.

Five million litres of emulsion — a mixture of bitumen, sand and water — spilled into muskeg at the oilsands project southeast of Fort McMurray, Alta., which was also the site of a deadly explosion earlier this month.



  • Alberta ministers visit Nexen oil spill site, call it ‘unacceptable’

  • Cleanup continues at Nexen oil spill site in northern Alberta

  • ‘It’s a big failure… it will take some time to clean up’: Alberta regulator on Nexen spill

    The target date for identifying the root cause of the spill was Oct. 15 of last year, according to AER incident updates provided to the federal Natural Resources department last July.

    The documents were obtained by through an access to information request.

    However, the documents noted that any legal or enforcement action triggered by the investigation would likely extend the deadline.

    An AER spokesman declined to comment on an investigation that is still underway or elaborate on what legal and enforcement action the report was referring to.

    The documents set out a long list of questions that aim to answer why the pipeline failure occurred and why it wasn’t detected earlier.

    More specifically, the investigation is looking at:

    The operating conditions at the time of the incidentWhether the leak detection system was active at the timeEvidence of “abnormal” operations from the control centreWho was operating the pipeline and what training they may have receivedWhether the pipeline was being operated according to Nexen’s AER approvalWhether the pipeline was built according to its original designWhether it was operating within allowable temperature and pressure limitsWhether staff complied with the company’s reliability management systemWhat can be learned from failures of similar systems elsewhere

    Nexen, a wholly subsidiary of Chinese state-owned firm CNOOC Ltd., has said the pipeline could have been leaking for up to two weeks before it was discovered by a contractor on July 15.

    The double-walled pipeline — designed to carry raw bitumen from the ground to the processing plant — had been installed a year earlier and a warning system didn’t detect the leak. The pipeline, which used a relatively new technology, operated at 100 degrees Celsius in order for the thick bitumen to flow.

    The AER updates said the mixture that spilled was one third bitumen, with the rest sand and water.

    In August, the AER ordered Nexen to shut 95 pipelines in Alberta because it was non-compliant on matters related to pipeline maintenance and monitoring. Twenty-one of those remain suspended, but Nexen says they’re not required for operations.

    Long Lake was able to restart fully in September.

    Four months later — in a part of Long Lake unrelated to the pipeline spill — an explosion killed one worker and critically injured another.

    The blast took place in a part of Long Lake’s upgrader, which converts tarry oilsands crude into easier-to-refine light oil. The facility remains shut and the explosion remains under investigation.

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East Asia cold snap blamed for more than 60 deaths

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TAIPEI, Taiwan – Unusually cold weather in eastern Asia has been blamed for more than 60 deaths, disrupting transportation and bringing the first snow to a subtropical city in southern China in almost 50 years. Here is a look at the worst weather to hit the region in years:


Temperatures in Taiwan’s capital of Taipei plunged to a 16-year low of 4 degrees Celsius (39 Fahrenheit), killing 57 mostly elderly people.


Most homes in subtropical Taiwan lack central heating, and the cold caused heart trouble and shortness of breath for many of the victims, a city official said. Normally, temperatures in Taipei hover around 16 degrees C (60 degrees F) in January, according to Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau.

The cold snap was blamed in the deaths of 40 people in the capital, Taipei, while the neighbouring New Taipei City attributed an additional 17 deaths to the cold weather. Strokes and hypothermia were among the causes of death in New Taipei City, officials said.

The cold front also left 9 centimetres (3.5 inches) of snow on Taipei’s highest peak Saturday and stranded vehicles as people headed into the mountains to see the snow.


Heavy snow in western and central Japan left five people dead in Japan over the weekend, and possibly a sixth on Monday.

Kyodo News service said the victims included a woman who fell from a roof while removing snow, a man in a weather-related traffic accident, another man found under a snowplow and a couple that fell into an irrigation channel, apparently while removing snow.

An 88-year-old woman in western Japan’s Tottori prefecture died after a landslide hit her house before dawn on Monday, Kyodo and other media reported.

The heavy snow stranding motorists, delayed bullet train service and caused flight cancellations to and from the region.


Most parts of mainland China experienced their coldest weather in decades over the weekend. The southern city of Guangzhou, which has a humid subtropical climate, saw snow for the first time since 1967 on Sunday, the city’s meteorological service said.

The cold led to at least four deaths – strawberry farmers who died of carbon monoxide poisoning when they turned up heating in a plastic greenhouse, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

The cold spell coincided with the beginning of the 40-day travel rush for Chinese New Year, which is on Feb. 8 this year, disrupting cars, flights and trains. More than 11,000 passengers were stranded at Kunming airport in southern Yunnan province.

Temperatures fell 8 to 16 degrees Celsius from Thursday to Sunday in parts of north China, and temperatures in central and eastern China were 6 to 8 degrees lower than the average historical level, according to Xinhua.

The National Meteorological Bureau forecast that temperatures in southern China would drop another 3-8 degrees Celsius on Monday.


Watt reported from Beijing. AP writer Ken Moritsugu contributed from Tokyo.

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Edmonton gore website owner sentenced for posting Magnotta video

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EDMONTON — An Edmonton website owner pleaded guilty in the posting of an infamous video of Luka Magnotta dismembering a Chinese university student in Montreal.

Mark Marek, who founded bestgore老域名购买, was arrested a year after the 2012 killing of Jun Lin. His trial was set to begin Monday morning, however Marek changed his plea when court began.

The 41-year-old pleaded not guilty to publishing obscene material — a charge under the corrupting morals section in the Criminal Code and which carries a maximum sentence of two years.

He was sentenced to a six-month conditional sentence, after Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Sterling Sanderman agreed to a joint sentencing submission from the Crown and defence.

Marek will have to serve half of the six-month sentence under house arrest.

Timeline: A look at the Luka Magnotta case and the grisly video

Police have alleged Magnotta sent Marek the video and that Marek posted it online knowing it depicted a real killing.

Jun Lin poses in this undated family handout photo.

Handout from the Lin Family

The video, titled “1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick,” shows a man in a dark hoodie stabbing an already dead Lin and eventually cutting the body into pieces.

Magnotta was convicted in 2014 of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

READ MORE: Luka Magnotta guilty of first-degree murder, sentenced to life in prison

The porn actor and escort admitted to killing and dismembering Lin and to mailing the man’s hands and feet to political offices in Ottawa and schools in Vancouver. Police in Montreal found Lin’s torso in a suitcase.

Magnotta’s lawyer argued in court that his client was not criminally responsible for his actions due to a mental disorder. A jury found him guilty after eight days of deliberations.

The gruesome 10-minute video was shown at Magnotta’s trial.

An officer testified that it appeared on various sites under different titles and, while some sites removed it at the request of police, bestgore老域名购买 resisted.

WATCH: Jun Lin’s father breaks down discussing trial and Luka Magnotta

In a previous email to , Marek said he removed the video the same day police publicly identified Magnotta as a suspect.

He also said, in a post on his site, that he initially thought the video was a bad joke and he suggested that the site’s users had helped identify Magnotta before the police did.”I’ve dedicated my life to fight against Evil and Lies and I know that God and Truth are on my side,” he wrote.

Marek, a native of Slovakia, declined an interview before the trial.

He is out on bail and acting as his own lawyer.

READ MORE: Gore website owner Mark Marek granted bail again

His website is still operating. It advertises itself as a reality news website for adults only. It opens with a content warning.

“Videos and images posted on Best Gore are bloody, gut wrenching, teeth grinding, offensive and upsetting. Just as the life itself,” it says.

“Best Gore exposes the truth about the humans as a whole and the truth is not always nice.”

Police have described the site as disturbingly violent and racist and said it has had as many as 10 million viewers.

BELOW: interactive graphic timeline of the Luka Magnotta case

View link »

WATCH: Edmonton police have charged a local website operator with Corrupting Morals. As Laurel Clark reports, they believe he posted a video sent to him by Luka Magnotta depicting a murder.

With files from Fletcher Kent, Global News



  • Magnotta quits inmate dating site after finding what ‘he was looking for’

  • Luka Magnotta joins dating site for Canadian prisoners

    Magnotta withdraws appeal of first-degree murder conviction

  • Ottawa spent $376K to repatriate Luka Magnotta in ‘national interest’

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8 people fined, sent to disciplinary court in Egypt after scratch found on King Tut’s mask

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CAIRO – Eight Egyptians involved in a botched repair of the famed burial mask of King Tut, which was corrected late last year, were referred to a disciplinary court on Sunday for “gross negligence” after prosecutors said that the golden treasure was scratched.


The 3,300-year old mask, whose beard was accidentally knocked off and hastily glued on with epoxy in 2014, was scratched and damaged as a result of the amateur repair job, prosecutors said in a Sunday statement, which implicated the then-head of the Egyptian Museum and the chief of the restoration department.

“In an attempt to cover up the damage they inflicted, they used sharp instruments such as scalpels and metal tools to remove traces of adhesive on the mask, causing damage and scratches that remain,” it said, citing an investigation. The eight now face fines and disciplinary measures including dismissal.

WATCH: Exploration begins into King Tut’s tomb as searchers look for hidden chamber with Queen Nefertiti

The mask was put back on display last month after a German-Egyptian team of specialists removed the epoxy and reattached the beard using beeswax, used as an adhesive in antiquity.

A year ago, a museum conservator who was present at the time of the repair told the Associated Press that epoxy had dried on the face of the boy king’s mask and that a colleague used a spatula to remove it, leaving scratches. Another conservator who inspects the artifact regularly also saw the scratches and said it was clear that they had been made by a tool used to scrape off the epoxy. They both spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of repercussions.

Restoration specialist Christian Eckmann said shortly thereafter that the cause of a scratch found on the mask had had not been determined, but that it could have been recent.

The mask was discovered in a tomb along with other artifacts by British archeologists in 1922, sparking worldwide interest in archaeology and ancient Egypt. It is one of the world’s most priceless artifacts and the best-known piece in the Egyptian Museum, a major tourist draw in Cairo that was built in 1902 and houses ancient Egyptian artifacts and mummies.

Lately, King Tut has been at the focus of new archaeology and media buzz after British Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves theorized that Tutankhamun, who died at the age of 19, may have been rushed into an outer chamber of what was originally Queen Nefertiti’s tomb.

WATCH: Tomb of King Tut’s wet nurse opened to public

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Metal on Thai beach likely to be rocket, not from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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TOKYO – A Japanese rocket maker said Monday that a large piece of metal that washed up on a beach in Thailand is likely part of a rocket launched by Japan, not a missing Malaysian plane.

The discovery of the metal sparked speculation that it might be from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared almost two years ago.



  • Australia confident it’s searching in right place for missing Flight MH370

  • Search for MH370 shifts to where British pilot believes airliner made controlled ditching

  • UN meeting allows for satellite tracking of planes to help prevent another MH370

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries said the metal piece is “highly likely” to be part of a Japanese H-IIA or H-IIB rocket that was launched from southern Japan, based on an initial examination of photos and videos of the object.

    Company spokeswoman Sayo Suwashita said officials are trying to determine which rocket and its launch date. Rocket debris falls into the ocean after every launch, and most is collected but sometimes pieces can be found some distance from the launch site, including in foreign waters, she said.

    Thai air force and civil aviation authorities said Monday they were unaware of the statement from Japan, while the agency within the Transport Ministry that investigates aviation accidents was unavailable for comment.

    READ MORE: Search for missing Malaysian airliner leads to discovery of 19th century shipwreck

    Japan has launched H-IIA and H-IIB rockets since the 2000s. The most recent H-IIA launch was in November 2015.

    Flight 370 took off from Malaysia in March 2014. It lost communications and made a sharp turn away from its Beijing destination before disappearing. It is presumed to have crashed in the southern Indian Ocean, far away from Thailand.

    The debris was found on the eastern coast of southern Thailand’s Nakhon Si Thammarat province, about 370 miles (600 kilometres) south of Bangkok on the Gulf of Thailand.

    Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai said Sunday that the search for the missing jet, which carried 239 people, is ongoing in the Indian Ocean and that its second phase is expected to be completed by June. Australia has led a multinational search that has so far cost more than $120 million.

    Aviation experts from Malaysia visited Nakhon Si Thammarat on Monday to inspect the metal piece, after which the Thai air force flew it to Bangkok for further examination.

    The Australian Transport Safety Bureau announced Monday that the search of 120 square kilometres (46,000 square miles) of seabed where the Boeing 777 is thought to have crashed had been set back after a ship lost its sonar equipment.

    The Fugro Discovery, one of three ships conducting the search, towed its side-scan sonar unit on Sunday into a mud volcano that rose 2,200 metres (7,200 feet) from the sea floor, the bureau said in a statement.

    The ship lost the sonar unit plus 4.5 kilometres (14,800 feet) of cable. The ship is now making a six-day journey to the Australian port of Fremantle to collect new cable and will continue the search with spare sonar equipment, it said.


    Associated Press writers Grant Peck in Bangkok, Eileen Ng in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Rod McGuirk in Canberra, Australia, contributed to this report.

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Striker Drogba will return to Impact; heads to Qatar to prepare for season

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MONTREAL – Didier Drogba is returning to the Montreal Impact.

After weeks of speculation on whether the 37-year-old striker would go back to his former club Chelsea, the Impact announced Sunday that Drogba will return sometime during training camp, after a spell of working out in Qatar.

Drogba, who has a year remaining on his contract, suggested he’d be back in a tweet that read: “On way to Qatar to do some preparation work for pre-season @impactmontreal.”

The Impact open camp Monday and Tuesday at Olympic Stadium in Montreal, then head to Florida for outdoor training in warm weather.

“Forward Didier Drogba will not be present for the opening of the camp, but he will be doing preparation work in view of the upcoming season,” the team said in a statement. “He will join the team for the second part of training camp, which will take place from February 15 to 28 in St. Petersburg, Florida.”

Drogba took MLS by storm after he joined the Impact in late July, scoring 11 goals in as many regular season games and adding another in the playoffs. His presence helped lift a struggling team to third place in the Eastern Conference and advance to the post-season.

WATCH: Didier Drogba shines with the Montreal Impact.

Drogba starts for Impact


Drogba starts for Impact


Drogba at Saputo Stadium


Soccer star Didier Drogba arrives in Montreal


Soccer star Didier Drogba arrives in Montreal

But in December there were reports he would go back to Chelsea, perhaps as an assistant to coach Guus Hiddink. His appearance with club officials in a private box at a Chelsea match had Impact fans in a panic that the club’s scoring leader would leave.

READ MORE: Didier Drogba denies he’s leaving the Montreal Impact

Their hopes were somewhat restored when Drogba sent a tweet denying reports he would retire from playing.



  • Montreal Impact acquire midfielder Lucas Ontivero on loan from Galatasaray

  • Montreal Impact sign forward Cameron Porter to new contract

    Focus Montreal: Impact Academy player gives back

    It was a second piece of good news in as many days for the Impact, who announced Saturday that central defender Victor Cabrera signed a contract after solid play last season in Montreal on loan
    from Argentine club River Plate.

    Twenty-five players are expected to report on Monday, including first-round draft pick Kyle Fisher.

    READ MORE: Clemson defender Kyle Fisher happy to come north with the Montreal Impact

    Midfield signing Luacs Ontivero, midfielder Calum Mallace and draft picks Michael Salazar, Eric Verso and Keegan Smith are to report in Florida. Midfielder Pedro Jeanine, who is on a trial, will
    also join the team in Florida.

    Canadians Kyle Bekker, Maxime Crepeau and Wandrille Lefevre, American Erik Miller and Costa Rican Johan Venegas will hook up with the squad after spells with their national teams.

    Midfielder Andres Romero remains in Argentina to rehab a knee injury.

    The Impact’s first pre-season game is set for Feb. 4 against the New York Red Bulls.

    They open the regular season March 6 in Vancouver and play their home opener March 12 against the Red Bulls at Olympic Stadium.

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New Islamic State video shows Paris attackers were versed in atrocity

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PARIS – A new video released by the Islamic State group purports to show the extremists who carried out the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris committing atrocities in IS-controlled territory while plotting the slaughter in the French capital that left 130 people dead and hundreds wounded. The group also threatens Britain.



  • New plan to fight Islamic State could be ready in weeks: McKay

  • Facing tough times, Islamic State group forced to cut militant salaries

  • While Canada plans to pull jets, U.S., allies agree to intensify fight against Islamic State

    The 17-minute video, released Sunday, shows the extent of the planning that went into the multiple attacks in Paris, which French authorities have said from the beginning were planned in Syria. It also is likely meant to serve as a recruitment tool to rally followers to the extremists’ sinister cause.

    All nine men seen in the video died in the Paris attacks or their aftermath. Seven of the attackers – four from Belgium and three from France – spoke fluent French. The two others – identified by their noms de guerre as Iraqis – spoke in Arabic.

    Seven of the militants, including a 20-year-old who was the youngest of the group, were filmed standing behind bound captives, described as “apostates,” who were either beheaded or shot.

    “Soon on the Champs-Elysees,” says Samy Amimour, who was raised in a Paris suburb near the French national stadium, as he holds a captive’s head aloft.

    The Nov. 13 attacks targeted a packed concert hall, a restaurant and cafe, and a soccer match at the national stadium.

    Immediately after the attacks, French President Francois Hollande imposed a nationwide state of emergency that is to remain in place until Feb. 26. Hollande has asked for an extension and reiterated that request Monday.

    “No threat will give France pause in what it must do against terrorist. And if I have taken steps to extend the state of emergency, it is because I am aware of the threat and that we will not concede,” Hollande said in response to the video.

    French Foreign Ministry spokesman Romain Nadal said the government is studying the video but would not comment on its contents.

    The video was apparently filmed before the men slipped back into Europe and contains no footage shot by the attackers during the days of terror that began Nov. 13 and ended only on Nov. 18 with the death of Abdelhamid Abbaoud, who was believed to be the leader of the attacks and who died in a police raid on an apartment near the Stade de France.

    Instead, it was assembled from news video, amateur video and material shot before the men left for Paris. The video did not specify where the nine men were filmed, but it was believed to have been in IS-controlled territory in Syria. Abbaoud is seen simply speaking in a room.

    One of the suicide bombers that night, Brahim Abdeslam, is seen at a makeshift shooting range. Abdeslam, whose brother Salah fled Paris that night and remains at large, blew himself up at a Paris cafe where he was the only victim. Salah Abdeslam is not seen in the video.

    According to the anti-Islamic State activist group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, Brahim Abdeslam and two other attackers were trained in Raqqa, the extremist group’s stronghold and the capital of its self-proclaimed caliphate.

    In the video, as in other Islamic State propaganda trying to drive a wedge between European Muslims and their governments, the men say it is a religious duty to join them.

    They threaten more attacks in Europe, and the footage closes with one of the militants holding a severed head and footage of Cameron giving a speech – with a text in English warning that whoever stands with the unbelievers “will be a target for our swords.”

    The video was released by Alhayat, the Islamic State group’s media arm.

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Sold out Muslim women’s dinner raises money for Syrian refugees

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EDMONTON- “It’s one of the biggest disasters in my lifetime,” said Nudrat Mansoor with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association. “I was not here to see World War II, but it’s the biggest displacement after that – we want to help as many human beings as possible.”



    Edmontonians teach a Syrian family about hockey

    Catching up with Syrian refugees in Canada

  • Canada could be halfway to 25,000 Syrian refugee goal Thursday

    Mansoor is part of a local group of Muslim women who organized a sold out fundraiser Saturday night at the Baitul Hadi Mosque. The money raised will go toward Humanity First, an organization that privately sponsors refugees and resettles them in Canada. Over 90 per cent of the donated money will go directly towards the cause.

    “We thought this was an opportunity to show the spirit of Islam, to show our spirit of helping each other,” Mansoor added.

    The Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association promoted the women’s only event for just two weeks and it sold out immediately.

    “We wanted to show how women are empowering the world, how women can make a change,” Mansoor said.

    The event raised just over $2000.

    It’s estimated the crisis in Syria has claimed over 250,000 lives and displaced over 12 million people.

    “The real spirit shines when you see the donations going out and when you see a family having a better future nothing makes us feel better,” Mansoor said.

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Spain: Magnitude 6.3 earthquake felt in African enclave

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MADRID – A pre-dawn earthquake Monday sent people running into the streets and caused damage to buildings in Spain’s north African enclave of Melilla.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake had a magnitude of 6.2 and had its epicenter in the Mediterranean Sea about 77 kilometres (48miles) northwest of Melilla, a small Spanish city surrounded by Morocco and the sea.


Spain’s National Geographical Institute said the quake struck at 5:22 a.m. (0422 GMT) and had nearly a dozen aftershocks, including two measuring 4.6 about three hours later.

Melilla government president Juan Jose Imbroda said 15 people were treated for minor injuries, mostly bruises and cuts. He put the low number of injuries down to the fact that the quake took place before dawn and most people were indoors.

Morocco’s state news service said local authorities in Nador and Al Hoceima reported no damage nor injuries.

Spanish National Television images showed chunks of concrete on the ground that fell from apartment buildings in Melilla and residents who ran outside in their pyjamas following the quake. The quake was felt as far away as the cities of Cadiz and Malaga across the Mediterranean Sea in mainland Spain.

Imbroda said the city government building was probably the building most damaged and would remain closed for three days.

He cancelled school classes for children until firefighter inspectors could check the school buildings. He said it was not immediately known how many buildings were damaged.

The city government urged people to use cars as little as possible so as not to cause any traffic jams.

Melilla has a population of some 85,000.

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Former Edmonton Oiler Ryan Smyth laces up with local men’s senior league

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EDMONTON- When Ryan Smyth committed to playing with the Stony Plain Eagles senior men’s AAA team last week, he openly admitted he wasn’t sure when he’d be ready for a game.

Jump ahead just three days to this weekend, when Smyth hit the ice on Saturday night and just eight minutes into the game fans got to see a vintage Ryan Smyth goal.



  • Oilers’ Ryan Smyth reflects on his hockey career

    An emotional farewell to Oilers veteran Ryan Smyth

    Former Oiler Ryan Smyth shares memories of Glen Sather

    “Obviously the pace is really high, and it’s great – good young players,” said Smyth. “You know my brother has played in the senior league for a number of years and said how intense it was so to get a taste of it, being on the ice with these guys is special for me.”

    Smyth’s brother Jared played with the Bentley Generals and Kevin is currently an Assistant Coach with the Innisfail Eagles.

    “I’m just having fun, that’s what this is about,” said Smyth.

    Smyth retired from the NHL after the 2013-14 season. He’s now looking to help the Stony Plain Eagles push for the Allan Cup.

    “We all saw him play when he was with the Oilers, so you know – it’s just come (out) and be the same player he always was,” said Eagles Head Coach Mike Tavaroli. “He played hard, he played the right way and he’s got a passion for hockey. I think if that passion becomes infectious to the whole team it’s just going to make us that much better.”

    The Eagles take on the Bentley Generals on Friday night.

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