Miami doctor suspended after being caught on camera abusing Uber driver

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A fourth-year neurology resident in Miami has been suspended after viral video surfaced of her physical and verbal abuse of an Uber driver Sunday.

Over the course of the five-minute YouTube video, the woman gets into the front seat of the car, curses at the driver and demands that he get in the car and take her to her destination. She tosses items out of the car including paper and scissors.

She can also be seen trying to punch the unidentified driver and — at one point — trying to kick him in the groin. He can be heard asking a bystander to call for help.

“Get in the [expletive] car! Get the [expletive] in this car you [expletive] piece of [expletive]!” the woman screamed at one point.

Anjali Ramkissoon is a fourth year neurology resident employed by Jackson Health System.



Soon after, she gets out and walks away.

The Jackson Health System said in a statement that Anjali Ramkissoon, 30, “has been placed on administrative leave, effective immediately, and removed from all clinical duties.”

“Jackson has launched an internal investigation. The outcome of the investigation will determine if any disciplinary action will be taken, up to and including termination.”

The driver did not press charges and a police report was not filed — something that has some Internet users fuming. They are calling for Ramkissoon to be fired.

“Everybody I know and I will boycott Jackson Health System until Anjali Ramkissoon is fired for her unprofessional and illegal conduct,” Lurvis Cranston Ginsburg posted on the JHS Facebook page.

“Do all your doctors kick men in the groin”? questioned Windber Johnstown.

Meanwhile, others have taken a more satirical approach to the incident.

Ramkissoon Auto Detailing is a Facebook page that calls Ramkissoon their ‘field tech’ and offers half price on mobile auto detailing.

“We promise to sniff out even the smallest pieces of unwanted trash in your car!” a post read.

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