March held in Montreal for victims of Burkina Faso attacks

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MONTREAL –  In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks that killed six Quebecers in Ouagadougou last week, the Burkinabe Association of Greater Montreal organised a march Saturday to honour the victims and condemn the violent act.

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    “Some people in the community contacted us to say we have to do something to show other people from Canada, from Quebec here, that we’re gonna be with them during this hard period,” said Aziz Daboné, the association’s president.

    Members of the community held signs with the names of each of the victims and vowed they would never forget them.

    Demonstrators sang the Burkinabe national anthem, before observing a minute of silence in memory of the many lives lost last week.

    “We are here today to show our compassion to all the family and the friends of the victims of what happened in Ouagadougou on January 15,” said Mahamadi Savadogo, who took part in the demonstration.

    The march started at 11 a.m. at Place-des-Arts metro station at the corner of Jeanne-Mance Street and President-Kennedy Avenue, and ended at noon at Place Émilie-Gamelin.

    Though the attention was turned to last week’s Ouagadougou attacks, demonstrators say the march was also an act of solidarity with victims of terrorism around the world.

    “There is not ideology to kill people for free,” said  Ada Nayihouba, who was born and raised in the Burkinabe capital. “So we are against that way of living. That is why we are here this morning.”

    Montreal police were informed of the march and took all the necessary precautions to ensure the smooth-running of the event.

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