In lieu of flowers, please don’t vote for Trump: US man’s obituary

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A Pittsburgh man’s dying wish cuts no corners: please don’t vote for Donald Trump.

The U.S. presidential election isn’t until November, and Trump is yet to even win the GOP nomination. However, so far Trump, an outspoken, divisive figure, has overwhelmed his opponents in the polls.

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    Ten months short of voting day, Jeffrey H. Cohen “unexpectedly” passed away Sunday at the age of 70, his obituary says. Still, he has made his choice known.

    The light-hearted remembrance published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette speaks of Cohen as “The Chiropractor to the Stars” who treated Liza Minnelli and “Weird Al” Yankovic.

    He’s described as a “voracious teller of jokes of all kinds, especially dirty and groan-inducing ones,” so perhaps it should come as no surprise to see how his obituary concludes:

    “Jeffrey would ask that in lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Donald Trump.”

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    Cohen leaves behind a “fabulous wife”, four sons and a number of grandchildren.

    In similar circumstances, an Ontario woman made headlines last summer with a more Canadian appeal.

    Mary Catherine Finn of Peterborough passed away in July, a few months shy of Canada’s 42nd federal election. Her final request? Boot Stephen Harper from the prime minister’s office, and then some.

    “In lieu of donations, Catherine would want you to do everything you can to drive Stephen Harper from office, right out of the country, and into the deep blue sea if possible.”

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can tell you how that turned out.

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