How do you express yourself? Calgary student spreads awareness about Moebius Syndrome

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CALGARY – Kelsey Ferrill has a lot to smile to about. And just because you might not be able to see her grin – her friends know it’s there.

“She just has this vibe that you don’t really even need to see to know she’s feeling happy,” said friend, Katlyn Mclaughlyn.

“Kelsey is a really positive person… when she talks about her life it’s always in a super positive way,” said another friend, Jennifer Meehan.

The 25-year-old University of Calgary communications student was diagnosed with Moebius Syndrome when she was six-months-old. It’s a rare neurological condition that affects cranial nerves and causes facial paralysis.

When Ferrill was about five-years-old, she had what’s called a smile surgery.

“They take muscle from your thigh and transplant it to your face, to back here [behind my cheek], so I can smile, somewhat,” said Ferrill.

10 year old Kelsey Ferrill, a few years after undergoing smile surgery.

Ferrill admits, living with the rare condition has been a challenge at times.

“Just the way that people tend to judge you – if you look different, or whatever.”

Ferrell is one of about 10-15 people living with Moebius Syndrome in Canada.

She said, she isn’t taking the smile she does have for granted.

“I think we not only take for granted our facial expressions but I think it is also important to realize all the ways we express ourselves daily,” said Meehan.

That’s the idea behind Moebius Syndrome awareness day.

Kelsey Ferrill and friends raise awareness about Moebius Syndrome at SAIT in 2015.

“For me, I don’t have facial expression or anything like that, so I have to express myself in different ways. Like through my writing and stuff,” said Ferrill.

“I express myself through music. I love to sing, not always well,” laughed Mclaughlyn.

“I express myself through dance; I’m always doing a little wiggle – whenever, wherever!”

Whatever the expression, there’s hope Ferrill’s positive message is just as contagious as a smile.



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