Homeless man who poured coffee on his head for $5 accepts apology from payer

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A homeless man from Lakewood, N.J., who poured coffee on his head for $5, has accepted the apology of the person who asked him to do it.

The homeless man, Ron, said on Jan. 19 a young man approached him and asked if he wanted to make a quick couple of bucks.


“He’s drinking coffee in front of the [gas] station and he backs up next to me and goes, ‘Want to make five dollars?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I want to make five dollars,’” told Ron said in a video posted on The Lakewood Scoop.

That’s when the man told Ron to pour coffee on his head in order to get the money, which Ron said he did.

But the incident didn’t stop there.

According to Ron, the young man asked if he wanted to make another five dollars.

“He goes, ‘I got all this change…stick your hands out, pour this [coffee] on your head,” Ron said.

According to the 2015 annual homeless assessment by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, New Jersey’s has around 11,000 homeless people.

Carlos Mejia, a man who says he saw the incident, wrote on his Facebook page that at first he thought he was witnessing “an act of kindness, but I was wrong.”

When Mejia realized what was going on he said he “got out of [his] car full of anger and confronted the a**hole.”

“He paniked [sic] and began to apologize. I felt that wasn’t enough for the damaged he had caused,” Mejia wrote on his Facebook page. “The poor man’s eyes and face were red because of the burning coffee.”

According to Mejia, the young man told him he has a website “where they upload videos of them mocking & doing things like this to the homeless in Lakewood.”

The local police department also commented about the incident on their social media site and said they wanted to thank everyone who brought the incident to their attention, however, “after further investigation it was determined, that although the incident occurred in poor judgement, it did not rise to a criminal act.”

In a separate video, Ron and the man who is suspected of asking him to pour coffee on his head met again, with the unnamed individual apologizing once again.

Credit: The Lakewood Sccop

“I’m so sorry for what happened the other day,” says the man in the video. “If you want to get me back with the coffee and pour it on my head, sure you can do that.”

To which Ron replies, ““I appreciate your apology [but] no, I wouldn’t do that.”

Another video also shows Ron being offered a haircut, a place to stay and new clothes by local residents.

Credit: The Lakewood Sccop

Both videos can be viewed in their entirety here and here.

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