Goodwill closure prompts possible job opportunities at Scarborough Tim Hortons

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TORONTO – While doors have been closed at Toronto Goodwill stores, a Tim Hortons franchise owner is opening a window for people out of a job.

Mark Wafer owns six Tim Hortons franchises in Scarborough and said he was shocked when heard Goodwill was shutting its doors and leaving hundreds out of a job.

“I was very concerned what happened with Goodwill employees. Some of the employees working at Goodwill have a disability and now they are unemployed, no notice, out on the street,” Wafer said.


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Wafer is deaf and having grown up experiencing constant barriers around his disability, he made it a priority to open career opportunities for those with disabilities.

“If you look at the unemployment rate for people with disabilities here in Canada, it’s almost 70 per cent,” he said.

On Thursday evening Wafer posted a job ad on his Facebook page, inviting people affected by the layoffs to apply for a position at any of his Tim Hortons locations.

“We put out a call to action last night on social media, we would like to see those people, we would like to interview them.”

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Wafer is looking to fill a range of roles at his stores, from bakers to customer service employees.

“If they are the right fit and  have the skills or can be trained to do the jobs that we have here at Tim Hortons, we would definitely like to hire them,” he said.

Any person interested in applying for a job at Wafer’s Tim Hortons is encouraged to send their resume to [email protected]老域名购买.

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