Coming soon: Edmonton’s 1st tool library

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EDMONTON – Got tools? If not, worry no more – Edmonton will soon have its first tool library.

Stacey Cann and Shannon Leblanc are the co-founders of the Edmonton Tool Library, a tool-sharing non-profit society.

“The idea of the tool library comes from the idea that the average drill in a household is only used for six minutes in its entire life,” Cann said.

“We are acquiring all these tools that we’re not using to their maximum potential, so sharing them makes sense.”

Membership to the tool library may range from $40 to $60 annually.

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Cann, Leblanc and two other co-founders started working on the concept before Christmas, and the idea is now gaining momentum.

The co-founders are developing a business plan, working on a budget and looking for a storefront in downtown Edmonton to house the tools.

Leblanc said the tool library is based on the idea of a sharing economy.

“One hammer, one drill can be used by multiple people. They’re typically pretty underutilized. You might have a drill that you use a couple times a year at your house. If it’s at the tool library, there’s great more potential for it to be used on a weekly or daily basis,” she said.

Leblanc draws from personal experience – she and her husband bought tools to renovate a condo and only ended up using them for one project or one day.

Tool libraries already exist in cities across the country, such as Toronto and Halifax. The pair are looking forward to bringing it to Alberta’s capital region.

“It splits resources between people so that people who maybe can’t afford a specific tool but need to repair their home are able to do that,” Cann said.

The pair said the rental term for tools will change depending on the type of tool. They expect their main demographic will be people doing quick renovations, short-term projects or running small businesses but membership is open to anyone.

A tool drop-off is being organized in the spring.

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