8,000 Montreal white-collar workers go on strike

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MONTREAL – Eight-thousand white-collar workers in Montreal went on strike at the stroke of midnight Monday to pressure the city into negotiating a collective agreement.

According to the Syndicat des fonctionnaires municipaux de Montréal (SCFP), the union representing the workers, they have been without a collective agreement since 2012.

A series of rotating strikes is planned for 37 days and will culminate in a general strike on March 1.

WATCH: White-collar workers on strike

While the union has said that essential services will be maintained throughout the duration of the strike action, workers will refuse to do overtime hours.

The SCFP is asking for increased salaries, and is denouncing the Coderre administration’s use of subcontracting workers, saying in a written statement that it “will defend with all it’s might the internal expertise of Montreal.”

For a complete list of strike days in your area and affected services, please consult the SCFP website.



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